4x Emax MT2213 Motore brushless 935kv 3S 11.1V Quadrocopter Set inkl. Elica

4x Emax MT 2213 935KV Brushless External Rotor Motor for Multicopter projects Emax MT Brushless External Rotor Motor Very superbly crafted External Rotor Motor by Emax. The motor has been From the ground for Quad and multicopter applications; What You It On To High Efficiency and Long Service Life. Set consists of 4 motors. and 4 pairs of matching 10x4.5 propeller. Integrated in the housing that is directly a propeller catch and this is A direct and precise mounting of propeller without other accessories . The motor is available for the operation of 10x4.5 inch propellers on a 3S LiPo Digital Camera users. (we offer specially designed propeller in our other Wide range of). Each motor is already soldered with 3.5 mm gold plugs. Click and also available in our other listings here. suitable for batteries and Control. Technical details: Shaft Diameter: M6 Thread Diameter: 27.9 mm Length Package: 25.7 mm Length with shaft: 39.7 mm Hole Spacing: 16 mm/19 mm Voltage: 11.1 V (3S) Speed 935KV Propeller 10x4.5 to 3S Weight 55 g Recommended control to increase or decrease sound from headset At least 18 A Drawer Up to 800 g per motor Areas of application Quadcopter/Multicopter
Multi-Rotor-Motor MT2213 935KV dies ist ausgezeichnete Multi-Rotor-Motor für Multi-Rotor-schnelle transiente Antwort Leistung Ihres Fahrzeugs bis zum maximalen Einsatz für Multi-Rotor wie Tri. Quad / Hexa und Octo entworfen ... etc
Durchmesser: 27.9 mm - Länge: 39.7 mm - Gewicht: 55 g - KV: 935 - 3s (Lipo): 1045 Prop - 4S (Lipo): 8045 Prop - ESC empfohlen: 20 A 30 A (- Max Schub: 860g
Paket beinhaltet: 2 x Emax MT2213 935KV CW bürstenloser Motor 2 x Emax MT2213 935KV CCW bürstenloser Motor 4 x CW CCW 1045 Propeller (Paare)
Warnung: Zu verwenden unter der direkten Aufsicht eines Erwachsenen
Set besteht aus 4 Motoren und 4 Paar passender 10x4.5 Propeller.

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